Oakwood Farm

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Hen Welfare

Hen welfare is at the top of our “to do” list every day. Of course we subscribe to and exceed the RSPCA Freedom Food standards but, for our chickens, it’s about giving them happy lives. And we know that a happy chicken lays the best quality eggs.

Aerial view of the farm

Wide Open Space

Our hens are free to roam and explore their environment. We ensure that they are not over crowded in the chicken sheds. You won’t find our hens in cages. Their home is clean, open plan, with places to nest, explore, roost, and be chickens. Outside our girls enjoy green fields with fresh grass, trees and the solar panels which power the farm to explore!

Clean Chickens

Did you know that chickens are naturally very clean animals? Well, at Oakwood Farm our birds can take a dust bath so that they can keep themselves clean! We believe that encouraging natural behaviour is key to bird welfare.

Nesting Boxes

While hens love light and stimulating environments to feed and grow in, they love to lay eggs in dark, warm indoor nest boxes. Maybe this is because their ancestors were jungle dwellers—either way getting every part of their environment right works for them and for us too.

Dog in Bucket !

High Tech Hens!

At Oakwood Farm we use the latest technology to ensure that we are getting our environment right. We monitor temperature, air quality, food consumption, weight gain and even the poo to ensure that our birds are growing and healthy! Our automated systems can generate warnings and alarms which our team can monitor on the farm or on their phones. But more than that, we can control the environment remotely so that if there is a problem it can be fixed right way and not the next day.