Oakwood Farm

Farm Picture
At Home on the RangeCaring for and protecting our environment is at the heart of our strategy here at Oakwood Farm. We are actively involved in an environmental stewardship scheme, and manage the farm in a manner best suited to supporting wildlife, especially birds. As an example, our hedgerows are managed to preserve berries during the winter months, thereby sustaining a food source during a time of scarcity.

Cotswold Legbar HenOur pasture is maintained with a zero artificial input goal, so weeds are removed by mowing rather than chemicals and we do not apply synthetic fertilizers to accelerate growth. The waste from our hen units is all utilized off farm as a natural fertilizer which is high in nitrates, thereby reducing the need for synthetic product elsewhere.

In terms of our carbon footprint, we have reduced our dependency on fossil fuels with the installation of solar panels which provide a significant proportion of the energy needs for the free range egg production operation.

Lohmann Brown HenFinally, since arriving at the farm in 2008 we have planted around 1000 trees and hedgerow plants, all of which are traditional species, predominately Oak. We care about our environment and will continue to strive to make Oakwood Farm a leading holding in this regard.